Author Topic: SFO blocked transmissions and go arounds Longboat 73D Heavy / Gulfstream N311CG  (Read 2067 times)

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Runway 28 parallel landings at SFO with blocked transmissions resulting in a Norse Atlantic UK (Longboat 73D Heavy) going around for 28L and a Gulfstream N311CG going around on the parallel runway 28R.

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Sounds like the controllers swapped during blocked transmissions and it wasnt very smooth (at least I think the Controller voice at the beginning is different then the one 1/3 of the way through the recording who starts chewing people out)

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When an aircraft goes around, it climbs back into the air and follows a prescribed flight path to maintain separation from other aircraft and await further instructions from air traffic control. The pilots would communicate their intention to go around and follow the missed approach procedure outlined in their flight plan.

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Thanks Sqwak 7700! :-D