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PVD Runway Incursion

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All this talk about the new PVD feed reminded me of a runway incursion they had there a while back.  I couldn't find the NTSB report but I dug up an NTSB virtual depiction with radio communications of what transpired.  Unfortunately I only have it in Real Media format and users will have to download it to their computer.

A United 737 (UAL1448) was assigned a taxi route which he deviated from due to thick IFR conditions.  The aircraft strayed onto an active runway which a FedEx airbus had just been cleared to takeoff from.  The two aircraft came within a few hundred feet of eachother.

This occured while PVD was still utilizing parallel runways (5L and 5R), they've since decommisioned 5L.  I believe ASDE (Airport Surface Detection Equipment) is now in use there but I'm not certain.

Thanks for the clips and diagram....

To back up your diagram the entire scenerio and audio is in this instructional training course by the ASF (Air Saftey Foundation)

DAH! I drive a plane!

I just signed up for this site, and this is my first post.  I'm in training at a part 141 flight school, and this is one of the incidents we evaluated when talking about situational awareness (much credit to the USAir flight who refused take off clearance until the situation was resolved).  

I was told that the female tower controller was fired.  I don't know the accuracy of that, but if she wasn't canned, she definitely should have been.

This is the same ATC recording in MP3 format. It's ripped directly from the Real Media NTSB animation.


Thanks for your contribution and welcome to the forums.  You're right about the USA pilot, what keen awareness.


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