Author Topic: Plane slides off runway at Bush Airport No injuries reported  (Read 2896 times)

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Plane slides off runway at Bush Airport No injuries reported
« on: March 08, 2024, 11:29:29 AM »

(emerg freq. not covered there, but here's the have a nice weekend, to off the runway)

HOUSTON – Officials are working to clear the scene of a plane that reportedly slid off the runway at Bush Airport early Friday morning.

According to staff at Bush International Airport, the call for the United Airlines plane has since been downgraded to an Alert 1.

At this time, no injuries have been reported.

United Airlines released the following statement:

“Around 8 a.m. today, a United Airlines flight landed on a runway at George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH).  As it was exiting the runway for the gate, the aircraft left the pavement and entered the grass along Runway 9-27. Fortunately, no one on board was injured and all passengers were safely transported to the terminal.

Per federal regulation, the FAA has been notified. Flights in and out of IAH continue without interruption.  According to KPRC 2′s Gage Goulding, a passenger on the flight stated that the landing was smooth however while taxiing, they turned and felt bumps.

”Felt like when you have a flat tire in a car,” the passenger told Goulding.

The passenger said that the plane ended up in the grass, leaning towards the left.

As of now, the bags and personal belongings of the passengers are still on board.

Some say they are worried that they will soon miss their connecting flights.