Author Topic: Plane forced to make emergency landing at Gold Coast Airport due to landing gear  (Read 1165 times)

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(any landing you walk away from is a good on, especially when it's two of you)

A small plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Gold Coast Airport on Tuesday night, with early reports saying it suffered landing gear failure.

The plane was owned by Air Gold Coast — a reputable student flying school — but it was being flown by two experienced pilots at the time.  Sunrise reporter Tamra Bow explained the incident on Wednesday, as dramatic footage showing the plane sparking on the runway was aired.

“This was a plane that was owned by Air Gold Coast. A reputable aviation service that offers schooling to pilots. It’s been in operation for more than 56 years,” Bow said.  “Last night, it got into a lot of trouble. We understand two very experienced pilots, no students were on board the light plane, had been circling in the air for a number of hours dumping fuel.”

Queensland emergency services were on standby, fearing the absolute worse.

A spokesperson for emergency services said they were concerned about aircraft fuel during the incident.

“There is always a concern with these events that there is aircraft fuel that is obviously flammable,” the spokesman said.  “There were reports the pilots have elected to perform a dark landing whereby all the electrics in that aircraft are switched off just to mitigate the risk of obviously any flammable fuels being ignited.”

Bow explained the pilots walked away unharmed, making a lucky escape.

“Those pilots, incredibly accomplished pilots, both walked away without a single scratch,” she said.

“(They were) assessed by paramedics.

“However, they didn’t even need to be transported to hospital.”

The cause of the incident will now be investigated.