Author Topic: Passengers Evacuated From JetBlue Flight In Los Angeles After Bomb Threat  (Read 678 times)

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(anyone familiar with LAX they sure put them way out)

A passenger, who was angry that he missed his flight from Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) in Las Vegas, NV, to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), allegedly made a bomb threat. The threat, which was made over the phone, eventually triggered a security alert at the Los Angeles airport.

The scene at Los Angeles International Airport
The plane that had the bomb threat called on it was a JetBlue flight. The flight landed at LAX around 14:00 local time. The JetBlue plane was immediately held on the tarmac at a secure location. The isolated location away from the gate was then met by firefighters and police.The passengers were then forced to wait an hour before being allowed to deplane via a staircase mounted on a truck. At around 15:20 local time, the passengers were allowed to board a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus then took them all to their respective terminal.

After the passengers deplaned, a more intrusive sweep of the plane was conducted. The search ruled that there was no preliminary indication of any actual explosive device.

After the passengers' deplaning occurred, the status of Los Angeles International Airport was deemed normal by FAA officials. The investigation did not immediately impact any other flights to and from LAX.

Officials also state that the person who made the bomb threat was an intended passenger on the flight but missed it. His luggage was already loaded onto the plane. The passenger then called and made a statement saying that his luggage "contained a possible bomb," which was aboard the aircraft.

Officials say that Las Vegas Police took enforcement action against the disgruntled passenger and therefore notified the Los Angeles Police Department about the threat.