Author Topic: Passenger flight attendant injured during severe turbulence on Southwest flight  (Read 830 times)

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(Like most of the SE the past day, some horrible weather.  Found SWA coming out of MSY, then lose them on Houston Center for the Gulf of Mexico(so never heard the emergency call), then a descriiption of the injuries as they diverted to TPA.  Weather even looks like it knocked out most of the TPA LiveATC feeders last night too)

Two people were injured when a Southwest Airlines flight encountered severe turbulence on Wednesday morning and had to make an emergency landing in Tampa, Florida, according to a spokesperson for Tampa International Airport.

Southwest Flight 4273 was traveling from New Orleans to Orlando when the captain declared an emergency after experiencing turbulence aboard the Boeing 737 jet, the airline said in a statement.  “The Captain declared an emergency, a requirement to deviate from a filed flight plan, and also requested that paramedics be available when the aircraft arrived to assess any potential injury,” the statement said.

A passenger and a flight attendant were transported to a Tampa area medical facility, the airline added.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident, a spokesperson told CNN.

According to CNN Weather, storms that brought severe weather from the Ohio Valley to the Deep South on Tuesday were draped over the Gulf of Mexico this morning, causing strong thunderstorms in the area.
CNN’s Taylor Ward contributed to this report.