Author Topic: Engine fire forces Southwest flight to abort takeoff at Lubbock airport  (Read 1530 times)

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(only one scanner at LBB, so did the best I could to keep the tx's for just the incident)

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Passengers described a frightening situation aboard a flight that aborted a takeoff in Lubbock on Thursday evening.

The Southwest plane, a Boeing 737 bound for Las Vegas, stopped its takeoff at around 6 p.m.

The airline tells us the crew suspected an engine issue. Lubbock Fire Rescue responded and confirmed a fire in an engine; crews worked to put it out.

The plane returned to the gate nearly an hour later under its own power. That’s when passengers were finally able to get off the plane.  No one was hurt.

We spoke to some passengers who credit the flight crew for getting them through a scary situation.

Passenger Jennifer Barbee said, “They made us feel very safe and did an amazing job because we were literally coming offf the groud to the air when it happened. I just feel very lucky that nothing happened. A lot of people were scared, but we all agreed that they handed it so well. The pilots kept us safe because if we were to have gone up into the air, I dont know what wouldve happened.

The Lubbock airport closed a runway for cleaning and inspection.