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Near Runway hit at Midway

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I was just listening to NPR about ground traffic procedure at airport and I caught the end of it, but a SWA and UAL plane are put on runways purpendicular to each other and get clearance within seconds of each other, a second controller comes in and screams "United STOP" Anyone know where I can find the rest/full of it?

There's no Midway feed, and I'm not aware of anyone recording transmissions from MDW, so unfortunatly most likely not.

I have it saved on the other computer.  Will post later this evening.

PHL Approach:
Im working on posting it now, and a few other incidents.

I think the incident you are talking about is on NATCA's website. It should be under the 'Archie Leauge Medal of Safety' I believe. There are numerous audio clips from facilities around the country. One interesting one is from PHX where a police chase winds up on the taxiways! Good stuff!


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