Author Topic: 13 hour Singapore flight with ATC (January) need filmers between LHR-SIN route  (Read 8422 times)

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You might know my channel with the Full Flight with ATC from Manchester - Frankfurt.
But now I am wanting to do the most amazing video yet.  To film the entire 13 hour flight with ATC.
The flight leaves in the morning around 10:50am so it will be daylight up until about as east as turkey so anyone wanting to film the contrail of my flight along with the time to the exact second.  Then i can put it all together and possibly point the camera down at you as i cross over :)

You could also get more of the ATC as it only records what the pilot says.

So let me know on youtube if you might be doing it for me.  I have one person so far, but who knows it might be cloudy in that area.

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that was great bro..  :mrgreen: