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N153QS Twin Otter Ferry Flight crash in the Pacific Ocean


Squawk 7700:
A Twin Otter (N153QS) on a ferry flight from Santa Rosa County Airport in California to Honolulu International Airport Hawaii returned back to California and ditched off the coast by Half Moon Bay Airport.

Composite audio from ZOA Oakland Center (Sector 35) feeds. In the recording we hear ATC coordinating block altitudes with the emergency aircraft N153QS. ATC requested Delta 397, and a Gulfstream 1QS to relay radio messages to N153QS. Southwest 1600 enroute to Hawaii was kept at a lower altitude to keep an eye out for the emergency aircraft. We then hear Coast Guard 2703 enroute to the last known coordinates before the ditching. Clip ends with Coast Guard 2703 returning back to KMCC Mc Clellan Airfield.


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