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My first solo out of KSYR

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Boy do I feel dumb. Thought I'd share my newbie experience w/you-

Yesterday I was on my First Solo out of KSYR. The flight was great, weather, winds everything was decent. I’m told to  expedite my decent from approach and contact tower.

On my base for landing is when I notice one of the screws over the engine was very loose and vibrating off. Not knowing where it was coming off of at the time, I get a little nervous. So my decision- let it go, hopefully nothing happens- or notify Tower incase it escalates to something worse.

Decisions….I notify tower, as calmly as possible not to sound like it’s a huge matter. I request to slow my decent (not in mp3). Which I get, and when my RPM’s dropped the screw stopped vibrating. I felt better…anyways….

This taught me a lesson- The locking screws come loose on the cowling, it’s normal.

Thanks to Tower though- very kind

Better safe than sorry.

Good call...great way to handle the situation.  Congrats on your solo!


I am in total agreement with Dave: you handled the situation very nicely!

Thanks for posting that clip!

Home Airport: West Houston Airport (KIWS)

I liked that approach, but the controller didnt seem to care much :) All he said about it was would you like crews to be on the ground :cry:


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