Author Topic: Military Aircraft Calling Out Ground Targets, People Running, Distroy them....  (Read 6148 times)

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BALLAST(sp) Unknown Aircraft Calling Ground Targets to Hit 03/24/2014: These comms were recorded on 300.900 MHz. I am not sure where they were however this frequency is listed as an Avon Park freq. This is the first I've ever logged comms on this freq. Aircraft callsigns involved were SPAD 21, SPOOKY (possible C-130 Gun Ship), RAPTOR 12, MASSEY(sp) BALLAST(sp) and STRIKER.

Some of the comms are pretty weak as if it is coming from Avon Park Range in South Florida that is nearly 200 miles away from me and it is on the back side of a very directional antenna.

I tried uploading the MP3 file to the forum, tired 3 times and it timed out each time.  So I've put it on my website for those who want to listen:

Hope you Enjoy