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Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor landing in Calgary




The media had reported that they flew from China to Calgary, but apparently, they landed in Edmonton first, however, I could only find the Calgary landing.

Also, looks like they knew the exchange was going to happen on the 23rd? Would have been cool to see the route from Canada to China and China to Canada, but I guess military flight plans are not public?

Edit: Looks like the info on Flightaware is incorrect, they flew up to Anchorage on the 23rd, and then back via Anchorage:

Well, I got to being curious because it seemed somewhat impressive that a challenger could fly from Anchorage to China and back in the timeline. It Arrives in Anchorage at 12:11 AKDT on the 23rd, it then takes off again at :45 AKDT on the morning of th 25th, but I listened to the ATC traffic from the time it left to the time it departed for Calgary, and I never heard it depart for China.

So then I thought, I wonder how they got from China to Anchorage, so I listened to the traffic from the 21st and 22nd as well, but I didn't really hear anything that sounded like it was coming in from China (because it was mostly helicopters and jets) - the only thing I did hear was a Globemaster, but that seems overkill.

A mystery.


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