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MD-80 Decompresses departing KSEA

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Anyone know what time this happened?  An MD-80 bound for Burbank had a one foot wide hole open up in the fuselage and lost cabin pressure at 26k.  I'm assuming it will be in the archives here.

I think the story says just after 4pm local so 7pm eastern or midnight zulu... I'm going to listen to the archive (cause I'm a closet insomniac) and I'll write back if I find it...)

Having the complete inability to sleep before 2 or even 3 am when on vacation, I listened to seattle and you can hear him leave the airport on the 1900 eastern time clip (around 1905 he's cleared to takeoff... but that's an estimate...)

and then you hear him for a while when he's under departure control and then you lose him obviously when he's handed to seattle centre (hint hint... someone should add a seattle centre feed... hehe...) and then by the time he's back with seattle's TRACON (on the next clip 1930-2000), there's no mention of the emergency other than guiding him back to seattle and the usual administrative stuff (how many souls on board and fuel remaining, etc.) at least that's all I remember... I didn't catch the landing and subsequent stuff because... well... I fell asleep..... :oops:

Wow, thanks for that research, Scrapper.  Yea, I imagine the more exciting bits would have been while he was with Center.  I bet the CVR would be even more interesting.  :)

Apparently the hole was caused by the baggage conveyor and the idiots running it knew they put a hole in the aircraft. They could have killed a whole lot of people.  :roll:


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