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MD-80 Decompresses departing KSEA

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yeah i think what they said happened was that they were aware that they touched the plane but never reported it to anyone assuming that it wasn't a substantial enough touch to cause any damage... i didn't realize that they certified luggage handler cart drivers to make those kinds of assessments on the fatigue and damage levels of aircraft fuselages!  :wink: hehe... so they got suspended and the other employees all had to be subjected to a safety brief on the importance of reporting all incidents and how it can affect normal every day people's lives!

Ok THis is all I can find so far.....  Condensed as alot of dead air in Seattle that day.  A SHORT SHORT clip, From Take off to Hand off to Center.  I am off to work, while at WOrk I am recording THe flip side (the landing) to edit to post for you all.  And to give it the completion.---And I love how Alaska Filed a "Hit and Run" Report with the Port of Seattle.  Is that a Misdemeanor or a Felony with the opposing end being over 10 Million?

that was my absolute favourite part! filing a hit and run report... din't know that was even an option but I guess it makes sense for insurance reasons... didn't know that everyday road rules applied on the apron mind you... hehe... considering people could've easily died from this hit and run, I would recommend the driver of the vehicle get a very good lawyer.....

This file that I just completed editing should be better.

THanx CPU Modem....


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