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low fuel for student pilot
« on: August 21, 2012, 08:52:16 AM »
This was a student pilot on her first solo cross country. On the last leg of the flight she got a low fuel light and called Morristown tower (MMU) for help. Once the tower realized how far out she was (hence the poor reception o that feed), she was sent to NY TRACON (MUGZY sector, 127.60) where the emergency was handled beautifully by the controller.

The balance the controller struck between working the emergency aircraft and the normal traffic was pretty amazing. Archie nomination, anyone?!

The aircraft eventually diverted to Lincoln Park where a number of pilots came to her aid over the CTAF and then on the ground. I'll head this one off at the pass and say that the fuel situation was interesting, but it's not something I plan to go into here on the forum. The value of the recording is showing how a student pilot was able to ask for and receive the help she needed on her first solo cross country, and how ATC handled the situation while working other traffic.

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