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Looking for audio from Nike Gulfstream KHIO, 21NOV05

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I am from Landenberg, 30 or so miles due southwest, tucked in the corner. I would try to get New Castle County (IGL) up but dont have all day internet avalible. I'll llisten in on your feed sometime. N57 is my home airport and would like to that up also. And indy tower gave me a link to the PDX conversation. Go to listener forum and check out GV at PDX. Nice talking and hope we can talk some more.

Yeah, Its in the topic Gulfstream V at PDX in the listener forum (my fault) indy tower gave it to me so thank him.


Here it is. Thanks Indy tower.

Thanks Indy!

CVG, Is the nke flight archived because the link is just the usual tower. I havnt been able to find out. thaanks.


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