Author Topic: LAX Ground SNAFU causes leaves pilot with minimum fuel and controller confused  (Read 178 times)

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I think someone might be in trouble on this.
Can someone tell me how dangerous this is?
My writers brain is wanting to put this in a novel at some point.

I'm a writer who loves using atc as background noise.

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Minimum dispatch fuel.
Much different from "minimum fuel" calls you hear on an approach frequency for example.

If the fuel was less, they wouldn't have been legal to take off.
So there was never any danger.

They would have needed to return to the gate and fuel up the aircraft.

30 minute delay with idling engines isn't too many minutes extra in the air.
Less than 15 probably, maybe as low as 5?
Depends on the model and how much fuel is used holding vs idling on ground.

The "minimum fuel" meant in this conversation:

This is a document what "minimum fuel" in the air / on approach generally means:
Also see: