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LAS controller having medical emergency?

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A friend alerted me to this clip from LAS Tower where it sounds like the controller might have been having a stroke or some other kind of medical issue.  At the beginning of the clip, it sounds like her speech is impaired then she starts having problems giving correct clearances.  Eventually, she just stops answering and the pilots start talking amongst themselves.  About 20 minutes into it, she has a hot mic and can be heard coughing and then what sounds like someone walking into the tower and asking if she is OK.  At that point, another controller takes over.    It was around midnight when this was recorded and it sounds like she was working alone while the other controller was probably on a break.  Pretty scary.

Eric M:
There's a lengthy conversation about this on Reddit. No answers, though... only more questions.

Have a link to that by chance?


Assuming this one.

Very scary indeed. At that time, Ground is combined, Clearance delivery is combined at Ground, and Ramp control is in a separate building/tower, so there would basically be two, possibly 3 controllers and a supervisor there in the cab. However, the way she was slurring, it sounds like it could have been a minor stroke to an embolism. She's trying to keep it together, but from how she's sounding, it sounds more like a health issue than something like intoxication. Regardless, that's a very scary situation indeed. Configuration #3 was in use at the time. Landing 26L, 1R, and 1L, departing 1L/1R.



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