Author Topic: N7022G-SoCal approach recording C340-KNYL-KMYF crash in Santee CA 10-11-2021  (Read 4139 times)

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Cessna N7022G-
IMHO, this potentially is attributed to spatial disorientation during an ILS approach to runway 28 Right at KMYF.   Metar for KMYF was 18010KT 10SM BKN017 OVC028 , and for the KSEE area he was vectored through for the intercept, 2800 broken.  Winds aloft were 41mph from 320 degrees,  all the way down from 9000' to 3000', which might have been pushing him left of course and contributed to his confusion while trying to intercept, and hand fly the correction.   He sounds confident, though speaks very fast during his initial descent from 10 thousand down to 4000.  He initially asks about a split frequency at Montgomery on 119.20, so it would suggest he had the right chart pulled up for the ILS. Though he sounded confused about the circle to land procedure he was told to expect for Runway 23.  At that point, he begins to sound more overwhelmed.  The local doorbell cams show him in an 80 degree high speed dive until impact.  My guess, is that as a result of getting a command to "climb" by ATC, he got a hit of vertigo, and maybe thought he was climbing while the plane was actually descending. 
This plane did a lot of flying in the Phoenix area, so maybe not so current in actual IMC conditions.   Although the news hasn't confirmed this, my sleuthing reveals that this is a Doctor, a Cardiologist from the Yuma area, who got his commercial/multi here in San Diego, in Fallbrook, and did his private at MYF.   
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