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Wednesday evening about 17:15 SEA time.

Was that 'flying' or 'floating' ?

KSEA's close proximity to Puget Sound results in a lot of container ships and big ferry boats to show up as primary radar targets...and since floatplanes are often cruising at low altitude, controllers frequently call traffic on those little blips.   Better safe than sorry I guess.

is it true that flocks of birds can come up as a blip too i have herd of that at bos  i think they just got a new radr  but im not shoure

FWIW, I did not post the clip to poke fun at, or be critical of, the controller. I thought the pilot's response was humerous and I was just trying to contribute a little bit.

not trying to be critical or examening just woundering if thats posible too imshoure the boat is the right anser in this case just woundering aobut the birds

soory if it came off bad

nice clip


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