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KHPN Tower 01-19-2023 1730EST (2230Z) N19MT BE36 Scheduled KJFK-KCGF

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KHPN Tower 01-19-2023 1730 (2230Z)
N19MT Beechcraft Bonanza BE36 single piston
Scheduled FlightAware route; KJFK SAX V188 LVZ T212 SEG YNG XXX KCGF (Cuyahoga County Airport - Cleveland, Ohio)
Actual flight; KJFK-KHPN (within 1 mile of airport)
KHPN Tower initiates (2) Go-Arounds
KHPN Tower attempts to contact N19MT (negative contact)
KHPN Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) respond to scene,p.m.%2C%20according%20to%20preliminary%20information%20from%20the%20FAA.

Attachments (3)
Silence removed (2m 8s)
Realtime (9m 45s)
Entire audio clip (~30min)

News story mentions a mayday call, but doesn't seem to be in the audio. Any idea why not?

Attached is the New York Departure audio from this incident. N19MT was handed off to 135.9 (Kennedy Initial Departure position) and then to the next sector which is the LaGuardia Departure position (120.4). This audio is not silence removed.

While I was listening to it, I went ahead and removed the unrelated stuff.  The ceiling was 300', and he was on a left base in the clouds, so it would have been a nearly impossible landing breaking out that low.  My condolences to the pilot and passenger and their families.

Thank Dave & Rick108
RIP Pilot and Pax


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