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KBOS near miss

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Read about this here...

Here's the clip.

Thanks for the clip.  Not to step on anyone's toes here, but sounds to me like the AAL pilot was just being a jerk.  Obviously the two aircraft weren't 1000 feet apart but visual separation is an approved method of separation for IFR aircraft.

First he reports a "near miss" on the frequency (I hate when pilots do that).  Then he tries to give himself a vector to the final.  I'm sure the BKA lear gave him a scare but if he had him in sight the whole way then what's the problem.

If it was really that close wouldn't there have been a TCAS resolution by the AAL?


--- Quote ---If it was really that close wouldn't there have been a TCAS resolution by the AAL?
--- End quote ---

That's a good point, and it prompted me to try and learn more about TCAS. From what I read, an aircraft in level flight won't get an RA as early as one that's climbing or descending. On Passur's site, AAl maintains 6000 for one minute and six seconds prior to the targets merging. In that same timespan BKA climbs 2500 feet. Maybe AAL got a "do not descend" RA? (Oddly, just after the flight paths cross, AAL descends to 5900, and then climbs back to and maintains 6000 for another 27 seconds.) (And, yes, I understand that either or both transponder(s) could be reporting as much as 200 feet off.)

The fact that BKA subsequently says he was "still level at 5000 when he passed over us", even though the radar depiction clearly shows otherwise, has me siding with the AAL captain.

Great job by the controller.  He lets American know that the lear his him in sight, will maintain visual as he climbs through his altitude.  If the lear had him in sight the whole time then either the lear was doing some serious showboating (which i doubt) or American just overreacted.  

The controller is looking at the radar the whole time.. if there was ever going to be a "near-miss" situation he/she would certainly intervene and correct the situation before any pilot would  report a near miss.  

Just my opinion on a bogus sounding clip of a pilot reporting a near miss where the other pilot had him in sight the whole time.


I'll bet money the jerk in American 8-18 is my former "boss".  A bigger A**Hole doesn't exist  ..  At least I haven't met one bigger than him, I'm going to poll my coworkers and see what they think..  The attitude and mannersims are dead on as well..  Did this occur 8/24??


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