Author Topic: KBOI fatal crash, N321LC (Micron CEO, Steve Appleton)  (Read 6229 times)

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KBOI fatal crash, N321LC (Micron CEO, Steve Appleton)
« on: February 03, 2012, 04:09:18 PM »
Audio from the accident attached below, edited out most of the unrelated radio calls.

Some more: N321LC is a Lancair IVP. If you listen he took off and immediately set it back down due to a problem. The time from the first 'landing' until the second takeoff was about 10-15 minutes, and then about 2-3 minutes from second takeoff clearance until the accident.

Another huge loss for the airshow/aerobatic community.


Latest excerpt from the AP:

"National Transportation Safety Board air investigator Zoe Keliher said Appleton tried to take off once but landed again immediately, and then taxied to a hangar for about five minutes. She said witnesses reported the plane then took off again and only got to 100 or 200 feet in the air before it steeply banked or rolled, appeared to stall and crashed. Appleton's body was thrown from the wreckage."

EDIT - Sounds like his second take off was to test whatever the issue may have been. His initial takeoff request was for a departure to the SW I believe, the second one, he was going to remain in the pattern.
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