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KAPA, Cirrus N416DJ Midair with LYM970 (Key Lime Air Metroliner)



Approx 10:23 AM Denver time (16:23 Z)

A Cirrus Overshot the final of 17R at KAPA and collided (Midair) with Key Lime Air Fairchild Dornier SA-227DC Metro  Flight 970 that was on final.

Attached are Two separate Audio files from the Two tower Frequency's

Reports are the Pilots/Passengers of both aircraft Survived, after a Successful CAPS deployment of the Cirrus Parachute, and the Successful Landing(Single Engine) by the Metro-liner.

According to the Arapahoe Sherriff Department the regarding the Cirrus..."Two on board walked away with no injuries."

According to the LiveATC recordings, the Metro-liner Taxied to the ramp under its own power.

Video here:

Here is a Radar playback and audio overlay with Both East and west Tower Freq (left and Right Channel Audio) on Youtube:


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