Author Topic: Jetstar diverts from Bangkok to Melbourne after medical emergency  (Read 808 times)

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A Melbourne-bound plane forced to land due to a medical emergency at Alice Springs left hundreds of passengers stranded for hours after an electrical issue as detected on the aircraft.

The Jetstar flight, JQ30, which left Bangkok at 9.30pm (local time) Saturday, had to make the unexpected landing in Central Australia about 7.20am on Sunday but was still grounded many hours later.Officials confirmed this was due to an electrical fault being detected after the plane landed, and airline officials had to organise for a replacement mechanical part to come from Sydney.

“A flight operating from Bangkok to Melbourne was diverted to Alice Springs after a passenger experienced a medical emergency onboard,” Jetstar said in a statement on Sunday night.

“Unfortunately while the aircraft was on the ground in Alice Springs, an electrical issue was detected, requiring a replacement part to be sourced from Sydney.“As a result, we organised a second aircraft to fly to Alice Springs this afternoon to get passengers on their way as fast as possible.

“As a domestic airport, Alice Springs does not have customs processing facilities and we worked with Border Agencies, the NT Police and the local Airport Authority to provide passengers with the option to disembark into a specially partitioned section of the Airport.

“They were then transferred directly onto the replacement aircraft. We worked with the local Airport to provide passengers with food, drinks and snacks.“We appreciate this has been a lengthy delay and frustrating experience. Safety is always our first priority, and we thank passengers for their patience and understanding as we supported the passenger requiring urgent medical assistance and worked to get everyone else on their way as quickly as possible.”etstar confirmed the flight was experiencing ”a lengthy and frustrating delay” after the passenger had to be removed - the condition of the patient is not known.

Many of the passengers onboard took to social media to vent their frustration at the situation which has left hundreds waiting.

One wrote on social media, “As Alice Springs isn’t an international airport, we have all been stuck on the plane for close to 14 hours and aren’t allowed to leave.

“Passengers are having panic attacks on the plane, several children under 3 years old are onboard, no food has been provided yet,” the passenger added.