Author Topic: Jet Blue bird strike at KPBI Sunday  (Read 1659 times)

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Jet Blue bird strike at KPBI Sunday
« on: January 16, 2023, 06:51:04 AM »
Normally I scan the normal aviation sites for stories, incidents, get some backround, find any pertinent audio, but Sunday my LiveATC app did.
On our way home from Church, heard Jet Blue 62 getting ready to head out, and suffered a bird strike. (actually, it was a buzzard)
Only downside is that when aircraft depart west (28R/L) when they fly out, the fly directly over the service provider's location, so the audio gets killed.
Was able to find the rest of the pertinent stuff.  No real damage, ground checked the runway after landing.
(another pilot said, "wish I had a shot gun" after the buzzard report :)

Just another quiet safe day at PBIA !!