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Intresting X winds

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No problem! glad I can share it!

I fly 777 has to be auto-land if not I tip my hat to the pilot good job. Who wants to be a test pilot on commercial aircraft not me for one no eject, I like all the bugs out no dramas.

Thanks for the video post :D

Thanks for the reply nick8682 . I wish I was in your positon! Thanks though but I think a test pilot would be fun.

It would be al lot of fun. You also get all the glamour like with the A380.
The whole world could see the test pilots.  :) But beining a pilot is always fun, weither your test or commercial

A380-800!!!!!!! :D

of course it would be alot of fun. Plenty of glamour. I would think emergencys and odd sicuations prove who a pilot really is. Glad you all are enjoying!


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