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Intresting X winds

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From the link to the flying club at the end, I figured it was Portuguese (the .br is for Brazil).  Looking around a bit I find this:


It’s not every day that we find calm winds.
What do you do in these situations?
One comes back to one's time in the Flying Club.
One remembers his instructors and makes a safe landing.
These pilots had certainly flown conventional aircraft.
Learn with the best ones…Flying Club.
Found the video posted on a site in 2001.
One poster wrote:
"Those were max demonstrated crosswind landings for certification. Shot at Palmdale and Edwards. You never see the rudder deflect until after touchdown like you would if it was a slip. The pilots were not allowed to 'kick the crab' so as to prove the aircraft was capable of a typical (in this case Brazillian) line guys mishandling of a crosswind landing.


Thanks!!! how did you get all that. I didnt think anyone knew what song that was. thanks for the translation.
Shot at Palmdale and Edwards
How did they know that and what forum is that? I would like to check it out.
Thanks for all your help, its much appreciated!

How did I find that stuff?  I used the internet. <g>

Type some of the words into a search engine and you are rolling...

Google some of the Portuguese words (in quotes)
Look for an English translation

Google some of the lyrics (in quotes)

Use "boeing crosswind landing" (in quotes) in google and you'll get a disccussion over at from '04 - which would have saved me some time in finding the translation.

I also find now a discussion from '05

I don't have the link to the 2001 discussion.


Here, I got curious and googled the words:

Portuguese landings aeroclub crosswind Palmdale

First hit in the list is the one you are looking for

Post from "single pilot" a few down the page.

I see it is a 2005 discussion.  My eye must have caught the poster's registration year (2001)


Funny, I saw the same post someware else. I googled everthing but "boeing crosswind landing"! Thanks again for all that great information, round of applause to DTAK!


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