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Interesting incident from ATCBOX.COM
« on: March 23, 2006, 11:22:02 AM »
I found this a while back and i thought i would post it here.  Everyone might find it of some interest.  It is an Eagle flight 230 expiriencing pitch control problems after take off from ORD.  With the atc recording you have the radar screen so you can follow the whole situation on screen also.  Eagle makes 3 attempts to land....last one being succesful.  it is a zipped file and it is quite big.  The whole recoring is about 15 minutes in duration.  Enjoy!

Unfortunatly I can't attach the file to this message because it has the .zip extention and when you unzip it is and .exe extention.

You can find this file on ATCBOX.COM in the download section. Then type in "EAGLE" in the search box and the download should pop up.  Also a note you have to be a member to download, but its a quick and free registration.


p.s. if someone knows hot to transform it into a movie file it would be greatly appreciated.