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You're not knit-picking, my friend.

We never airfile to go to an airport outside the BUF TRACON area. This way, all they need to do is type us in as if we are a VFR aircraft. It may not be common in other areas, however, here it's like a unofficial LOA among the trainers that do NOT fly out of BUF and the BUF controllers. So, asking for a local IFR clearance is nothing new to the area.

About the "Cessna" part. There are three trainers at Akron that fly the most out of all in the area. In the BUF, we can omit the type aircraft because they already know. In another area, i would call it "Cessna 734NR."

I appreciate the compliments. Agreed, good technique is imperative.

A while ago, for some reason, i dropped calling the facility by name. Therefore, i'd just call them "Center" or "Departure", etc. Although, now i've started to bring the facility's name back in. Don't ask me why i dropped the facility name years ago, because i wouldn't be able to answer it. I honestly do not know.

I think the confusion arose because, when we took off it was pure VFR. However, by the time we called him, the WX was marginal and going down quickly. I think we just called at the wrong time.