Author Topic: I Feel Like I'm in Training Here  (Read 4713 times)

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I Feel Like I'm in Training Here
« on: December 21, 2012, 05:30:56 PM »
So since I have started my Instrument Training, I have found the entire business of holding and approach procedures and SIDs and STARs and etc etc etc ... all of it really, quite fascinating. Its just amazing to me that we as humans have developed a method (that in essences is really quite simple) to allow us to take off in an airplane in bad weather and fog, fly somewhere, and land. Obviously the 'heavy iron' pilots can do a little more than I can do in my Cardinal, but they impress me even more when they're landing at over 150mph with runway visual ranges of only 2,000 ft.

One thing that I have started to do is to tune into BWI tower (through on bad weather days and listen to these guys landing and departing. When I hear something interesting, I write down the date, time, and frequency so I can go home later and re-listen to it in greater detail. Last Monday and this past Monday, Dec. 10th and 17th were particularly nasty days. It was heavy fog the entire day and I posted on Facebook the BWI METAR as a "QUIZ" to the people who follow the Harford Air facebook page. It started a really interesting discussion about Runway Visual Range (RVR) requirements and so I thought that I would post a little bit of audio that I had 'sticky noted' for myself.