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Hi! 1st Post and a Request


Hi -- what a neat resource.  I'm thinking of learning more about aviation and eventually moving towards earning a pilot's license -- but all in due time.

In the interim, I'm actually very curious about a recent story about the LAX->ORD AA#612 flight that experienced (or what the pilot phrased) a "missile near-miss".  Reference/link:

I'm looking for ATC recordings of that time frame from that pilot/plane.  Since the flight was 6600ft and climbing and about 5 miles downrange S-S/W from LAX, I don't know whether that would have been recorded.

Any ideas on where I could find this clip?


There is an archive feature for this site which records most of the feeds for a period of about 14 days.  However, I checked the SOCAL Approach archive for Nov 26th (the date and time of the incident) and it was not available.

This topic has been discussed extensively so I'll be breif, but there is a littany of possible reasons it was not available.

In the future you can find the archive request page below, or on the left side of the site navigation frame on the home page.

Welcome to the forums.


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