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I don't know if this has been posted before. but a while back a bunch of fellow aviators at UD received an email with a VERY humorous (edited for length) feed of the American Eagle 41 flight joking around with the DBQ tower. It's about 2:38 in length and I am wondering how I can go about upload this clip for all to enjoy.

DO note: Zilom is a locator outermarker for the NDB 31 approach.

I still do not know if ZILOM is really a lama farm or not. ( I always have foggles on.

Usually, You save it in your C drive to your PC then post a reply or a new topic, go under Add an Attachment, then under filename, click browse and find the file in your drive. It should work, I hope I helped you some.


--- Quote ---fellow aviators at UD
--- End quote ---


PHL Approach:
I assume he meant UND... University of North Dakota.

UD means University of Dubuque, I believe.  Given that his post was about a humorous DBQ feed.  Also UD does have an aviation department.


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