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Floating Dog in the Back of an Airplane

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I opened up this video not knowing what would come out of it. Kind of interesting / funny. I love how the guy's headset falls off at the end! Quite a maneuver! Check it out:

That video is awesome!! :) He mustve flipped over vertically :)


--- Quote from: Lezam ---That video is awesome!! :) He mustve flipped over vertically :)
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Actually, it looks like all he did was pull a negative-G by climbing the airplane and then letting the nose fall rapidly so that they pulled a negative-G dive.  I think if he did a full loop, centrifugal force would have actually pushed the dog and the other objects/humans down in there seat.

Awesome video, though!  I've always gotten a kick out of this one.


Well, call me the contrarian, but a dog being placed in the backseat of an aircraft unbelted is not only cruel to the animal, but also a real danger to the flight.

I hit clear air turbulence in a Bonanza one time last year and, despite being buckled in, still hit my head on the ceiling of the cockpit.  Fortunately my headset band took the brunt of the impact.  The box of IFR charts was thrown off the copilot seat and spilled all over the floor of the cabin.  I shutter to think what would happen had a dog been with me during that flight.


--- Quote from: Jason ---...centrifugal force...
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Ugh. I would really rather you didn't call it the centrigual force Jason :) There is no such force called a centrigual force. It is merely an apparent "force" you feel going around curves.


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