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FLIGHT PATH - From Past to Present - VIDEO

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Ok.. I just couldn't go by without posting this one, it's a video/slideshow done with music of one pilots journey from learning on a Cessna to flying a  Boeing.  It's a great video and one that all new pilots should check out..

that was really good. thanks.

Really nice video

Makes you want to get where this guys at

Awesome video

Thats a really great video you put together.

I feel honored that I'm apart of it.  I was one of the ramp rats loading the F-28 in YXX.

I've also flown in the same area (N.O.) 
I've flown into Red and Pickle and Kap. a few times.
I sure don't miss the winters in Northern Canada anymore.

Cheers and good luck with you career at West Jet.


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