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Fire onboard a US Airways Embraer ERJ-175 flying into SYR

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Was perusing a local TV station website when I ran across this news item about an incident that occurred Wednesday (yesterday):

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"Emergency Vehicles Respond To Bathroom Fire Onboard US Airways Plane"

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - Syracuse police and fire crews were called to Hancock International Airport Wednesday afternoon after a fire was reported onboard incoming US Air Flight 3404.

The fire was reported about five minutes prior to the plane’s landing at Hancock.
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Using the time, date, and flight number from the article, I searched to come up with the actual flight log and times, then located the specific SYR archive with the activity.  

The aircraft was a Republic Airlines Embraer ERJ-175 flying under the US Airways name, similar to this ERJ-175 here:

Here is the flight track:

The clip combines approach and tower/ground communications.

Nice clip!

I'm betting someone was smoking :)


--- Quote from: Lezam ---I'm betting someone was smoking :)
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Nah, everyone knows that smoking in the aircraft lavatories is illegal.  ;-)

It was probably the end result of some very spicy chicken wings.

  I think your fire beats my ice up problem, exciting day on the air yesterday!



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