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GVT and following plane, FQT, brush wing tips taxiing on runway. For some reason the planes are backtracking on the runway rather than using the taxiways forcing them to pass in opposite directions.


GFV - onto runway 8, line up  right hand side
FQT - follow 172 (GFV) - line up right hand side

PME - backtrack down runway - right hand side
CVX -  backtrack 26
GBN - backtrack follow cantana (CVY)

TNY -  #1 to land, on base
CVY - #2 to land

CADORS Number: 2009O1235   Time: 1452z - 10:52 am EDT

The Waterloo-Wellington Flying Club Cessna 172N aircraft (C-GGFV) was preparing to depart on a transborder VFR flight from Kitchener/Waterloo Regional Airport (CYKF) to Buffalo (Greater Buffalo) International Airport, NY (U.S.A.) (KBUF).

The privately-registered, amateur-built Wagaero Cuby aircraft was preparing to depart on a short VFR flight from Kitchener/Waterloo Regional Airport (CYKF) to Guelph Airpark (CNC4).

NAV CANADA staff reported that the pilot of the Cessna aircraft was instructed line the aircraft up on runway 08. The Cuby aircraft pilot was instructed to follow the Cessna aircraft and line up. The Cuby aircraft was sequenced as number two (#2) for departure. The Cuby aircraft collided with the Cessna aircraft ahead of it. The Cuby pilot later reported that he taxied into the Cessna aircraft because the preceding aircraft had stopped and he did not see it in enough time. The aircraft were able to taxi clear of the runway on their own. There is damage to both aircraft.

NOTE: Audio approx. 5 min 10 sec.
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