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Fatal Jet Crash @ KVNY


At work and can't edit but the pertinent information starts at about minute 20 on the archive for KBUR 1/12/07 1830z-1900z.

Plane is cleared for takeoff, then pilot comes on saying they need to return to the airport, requests 34L cleared for it, then is cleared to land any runway as controller sees desperate situation unfolding. Plane cleared for takeoff and departing after accident aircraft is instructed to "just turn right" and responds "deviating right" to avoid accident aircraft. Then the controller comes on and asks entrail aircraft if he is ok to continue trip, says he's shakin and later pilot responds "god bless them" CHP helicopter in area proceeding to crash site and that's where I stopped listening.

My thoughts and prayers for the family and friends of the 2 crew members killed.


wow my god that is sad to hear when something like that happend
it is a sad thing to hear when people are killed may god help there famlies :cry:

Here is the clip.  Very sad. 

The clip begins one sided as there was no recorded communications from the plane when it is on the ground.



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