Author Topic: Delta A319 near Austin oil fumes on the flight deck  (Read 1975 times)

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Delta A319 near Austin oil fumes on the flight deck
« on: December 05, 2022, 07:29:23 AM »
Story from AVH

Heard them (the tower) on approach, couldn't hear Delta.
The ground traffic was very hectic, talk about coordination !!!

A Delta Airlines Airbus A319-100, registration N346NB performing flight DL-605 from Mexico City (Mexico) to Minneapolis,MN (USA) with 62 people on board, was enroute at FL370 about 40nm northeast of Austin,TX (USA) when the crew donned their oxygen masks reporting fumes on the flight deck and decided to divert to Austin. Descending towards Austin the crew characterized the fumes as fumes from an oil leak of an engine (CFM56) advising ATC there was no smoke and visibility issue. The crew landed their aircraft on Austin's runway 36R about 25 minutes after leaving FL370.

A replacement Airbus A321-200 registration N379DN reached Minneapolis with a delay of 5:15 hours.

The occurrence aircraft is still on the ground in Austin about 18 hours after landing.

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