Author Topic: F35B Crashes Near Albuquerque Airport New Mexico  (Read 2320 times)

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F35B Crashes Near Albuquerque Airport New Mexico
« on: May 29, 2024, 06:22:06 AM »
(whatever occurred, it happened real quick, glad to hear pilot seems ok.  Never heard anything from the F35 after take off)

An F-35 crashed near Albuquerque International. According to the first reports, the pilot successfully ejected.
An F-35 Lightning II aircraft has crashed near Albuquerque International Sunport (ABQ), New Mexico, on May 28, 2024. Images showing the explosion the emergency team trying to extinguish the fire at the crash site have started circulating online.
According to KOB4, the pilot would be conscious and breathing and has been taken to the hospital.

The F-35 had just taken off from Runway 21 at ABQ.