Author Topic: req: KMCI 3/6/14 around 9-10 central  (Read 4437 times)

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Re: req: KMCI 3/6/14 around 9-10 central
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2014, 01:54:58 PM »
Flown under RPA4222 ("Brickyard 4222") and checked in with approach at the 16:44 mark on the 0330-0400Z archive clip, in case anyone's interested in looking.

EDIT: Note that you can't hear the TWR (at least, I don't think I ever did) but you can hear GND. It was business as usual the whole time RPA4222 was with APP - no urgency or hint of anything abnormal.

At 24:22, RPA4222 checks in with TWR on the visual for 19L. TWR's response can't be heard, but RPA4222 acknowledges landing clearance with an instruction to roll to the end.

At 25:01, RPA4222 (I believe - missed the callsign) advises fuel and souls on board.

At 26:03, GND(?) is advising someone that "(something) is requested" and that there is a prior arrival touching down on 19L with Brickyard to follow.

At 26:15, APP can be heard vectoring other company traffic (RPA4932) for 19R. Traffic requests the left side, APP acknowledges the request.

At 27:30, GND(?) advises someone that he has some information ready and relays the FOB and SOB heard from 25:01 above (plus "negative HAZMAT").

At 28:43, APP advises ("??? four six heavy") to expect delay vectors for (something - couldn't understand).

(Clip ended without any other relevant comms. Resumed with the 0400-0430Z clip.)

At 02:20, GND advises all Rescue vehicles on freq that they can communicate via his frequency... and the transmission gets cut off while he continues.

At 02:50, RPA4932 inquires about his request for 19L, but APP reaffirms 19R and indicates that 19L is no longer an active runway.
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