Author Topic: Air Canada 196 go-Around due to "brake fault" message (CYOW, Ottawa)  (Read 3907 times)

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On August 2, Air Canada 196, a flight from Victoria to Ottawa via Toronto-Pearson had to go-around due to a "brake fault" message. Flightaware:

I have attached a clip that is just over 8-minutes long. Please note that the first minute and five seconds of the audio is the usual pilot checking in with the appropriate controllers. Also, due to the fact that the CYOW feed monitors multiple frequencies, certain ATC instructions and/or pilot read back were not heard and therefore are missing.

And if you're interested, the following is the timeline (in Eastern Time) that I've noted when listening to the archive clips:
- At 21:08, Air Canada 196 checks into Montreal Centre (presumably frequency 124.275) at FL290 for FL240. Controller responds to pilot to expect Runway 32 for landing in Ottawa.
- At 21:16, Air Canada 196 checks into Ottawa Terminal (Arrivals)
- At 21:26:03, Air Canada 196 checks in with Ottawa Tower that he is on the ILS 32 approach for landing
- At 21:30:10, Air Canada 196 advises Tower that they need to go around to run checklist and come back in.
- At 21:30:47, Tower Controller instructs Air Canada 196 to contact Ottawa Terminal (Arrivals) again at 135.15
- At 21:31, Air Canada 196 returns to Ottawa Terminal (Arrivals) frequency. Controller asks for the pilot's intention and the runway he wish to attempt to land. Pilot sticks to Runway 32 and advises Controller that they need to run some checklist.
- At 21:33:47, Controller asks the pilot why they aborted the landing. Pilot responds something about ICAS(?) prior to minimums, so they decided to go around and run a checklist.
- At 21:39:47, Air Canada 196 advises Controller that he request for trucks to inspect the plane after landing because of brake indication light coming on and request for brief stop before taxiing in.
- At 21:40:27, Controller tells pilot Air Canada 196 that Tower will coordinate for assistance. Then Controller asks pilot to reduce speed, and to contact Tower at 118.8.
- At 21:41:35, Air Canada 196 checks into Ottawa Tower again. Tower Controller responds asking the pilot to explain the issue. Pilot responds that they got a "brake fault" message and would like the trucks to check out the plane and make sure the plane actually stops.
- At 21:42:52, Ground Controller, already in the middle of conversation, speaking with emergency crews ("red" vehicles) about the issue with Air Canada 196.
- At 21:43:14, Tower Controller asks the pilot of Air Canada 196 whether they are declaring an emergency. Pilot responds yes.
- At 21:45:50, Tower Controller speaks with pilot on Air Canada 196 and ask whether they need the trucks for assistance. Pilot responds and says they will come to a full stop at the runway and asks if the emergency crews could check if there is smoke from the brakes.
- At 21:46:10, Ground Controllers relayed the pilot's request.
- At 21:47:10, Tower Controller asks pilot to contact Ottawa Ground at 121.9.
- At 21:47:17, Air Canada checks in with Ottawa Ground. Ground Controller advises pilot that the trucks are on the way to look at the brakes.
- At 21:48:42, Ground asks "Red 1" how the plane looks. "Red 1" responds that they don't see anything on the cameras, and then request to speak with the pilot at a different frequency, frequency 122.675
- At 21:49:39, Air Canada 196 returns to Ottawa Ground and request to taxi to the gate