Author Topic: 10 May 2019: Jazz Air 8615 hit by fuel truck at Toronto Pearson Intl  (Read 2467 times)

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A Jazz Air Dash 8, flying for Air Canada, was hit by a fuel truck at Toronto Pearson Intl. Apparently the truck was driving relatively fast: the delicate aircraft frame was massively damaged. According to various news reports the airframe is likely a write-off.

Condensed recording from tower and apron frequencies attached. First, a tug driver can be heard complaining about a Menzies fuel truck blocking a gate, preventing him from towing an aircraft to the gate. When he finally moved, Jazz Air 8615 can be heard checking in on the apron frequency. A minute late, Jazz Air reported being hit by a fuel truck.

Someone was having a bad day...

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Apparently someone liked the recording... ;-)

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Thanks to Tom who is a good friend, you and LiveATC as always! :-D

I edited the video in a rush and was late night in Spain at that time. I forgot to comment and thank you here so... THANKS! :-P

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I don't know much about airline operations, but I'm guessing that the truck driver will not be employee of the month?