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Engine Failure, Emergency landing on I-265 Louisville, Ky.


Starts around 14:45 with pilot stating engine failure.  Ends around 21:40 with Air 10 (Police Chopper) stating landing on interstate was made.  Apparently plane ran out of fuel.  Plane landed safely on interstate.  They brought fuel to it and inspected it , closed the roadway so it could take off and land at LOU in the early morning hours. Pilot shaken up but did great job getting the plane to an area that he could set it down with no one hurt. Kudos to louisville approach for there fast thinking also.

That's an awesome clip, thanks!

It took me forever to find more info online, but should have known that the ATC is the best/most accurate/unbiased news feed we have.  Nonetheless, if you want the glorified story, I stumbled across this:


Wow that was a good clip.  The pilot didn't seem phased as if it was all in a day's work.


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