Author Topic: No injuries reported after plane crashes in field near Gardner Municipal Airport  (Read 658 times)

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(not the best audio ever, was all I could dig out of the mud)

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kansas (KCTV) -- Law enforcement stated there were no injuries following a plane crash Friday morning.

The Kansas Highway Patrol stated a Cessna 182 was flying near Melvern, Kansas, just before 12 p.m. Friday when the pilot noticed the engine not operating correctly.

The pilot turned the plane around to return to his origin airport, New Century, when the aircraft experienced a complete engine failure, filling with smoke.

The KHP crash report stated the pilot performed an emergency descent and forced a landing in a fallow field just south of Gardner Municipal Airport.

The Cessna struck a culvert, and the front of the plane impacted the ground. The plane overturned and came to a stop upside-down.

The pilot and passenger on board were not injured.