Author Topic: KPWM Cessna 152 engine failure  (Read 8630 times)

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KPWM Cessna 152 engine failure
« on: November 22, 2013, 08:45:35 PM »
On November 21st around 6 PM a Cessna 152 (N45904) in a round-robin flight from KPWM to KWVL and back to KPWM suffered an engine failure while approaching KPWM. Aircraft successfully landed on a freeway during evening rush-hour traffic.

Approximate timeline:
2025Z: N45904 departs KPWM for KWVL
2140Z: N45904 is returning to KPWM, some trouble with his transponder
2200Z: N45904 engine failure

Audio was edited to include relevant sections. I couldn't seem to find the hand-off between Portland departure and Boston center or a frequency change when he approached Waterville. In the recording after the 3 minute mark the audio resumes unedited to the end. Engine failure occurs around the 6 minute mark. As the PWM audio covers ground, tower, and approach the actual engine out call appears to be slightly cut-off.

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