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do we really need controllers on the streets? You decide

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Came across this and thought it might be interesting to watch.  Apparently this guy made an emergency landing on a road, once he made it down safely he thought his problems were over...

I recall seeing this somewhere earlier. The video you link to is shorter than the version I saw originally. In that one, you see the plane turn onto the highway and add takeoff power, then hitting the mirror of the semi, and the emergency vehicle. That video closes with the now wrecked plane being hauled away on a truck anyway.

Somebody didn't plan carefully enough...     :roll:


--- Quote ---Several attempts were made by the pilot to have the aircraft placed on a flatbed trailer and recovered to a suitable airport; however, the width of the trailer available for recovery was too narrow to accommodate the airplane's main landing gear. After several failed attempts to recover the airplane by ground, the pilot elected to fill the fuel tanks with 15 gallons of fuel and, in coordination with local law enforcement, attempt to takeoff from the private highway.
--- End quote ---

I guess it fit on the trailer the 2nd time.

ouch :(


Hahaha..I suppose you're right! :D

Bwicker, thanks for posting the clip!!

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