Author Topic: DL312 "We Were Goin' Directly At Him"  (Read 6569 times)

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DL312 "We Were Goin' Directly At Him"
« on: June 01, 2014, 08:56:28 PM »
I was a passenger on Delta Air Lines flight 312, June 1, 2014, a Boeing 717-200, N934AT, when on departure out of KCAK en route KATL, we took a pretty violent turn to the left, and veered way off course of the departure heading for Newcomerstown VOR, CTW.

Went back to LiveATC archive (KCAK, June 1, 2014, 1500-1530Z) to find more about the situation and the attached audio I later edited.

Traffic was a Cessna 206, N245MC, 5miles out at 400'.
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Re: DL312 "We Were Goin' Directly At Him"
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There's no record on Flight Aware for N245MC on June 1 which leads me to believe that he was VFR.  And if N245MC was VFR then the controller at CAK Approach didn't break any rules or violate separation standards.  The airspace surrounding CAK is Class C airspace and the separation standard for IFR/VFR aircraft is simply target resolution (don't let the targets touch).

Quote from: 7110.65 Chapter 7, Section 8. Class C Service- Terminal

Separate VFR aircraft from IFR aircraft by any one of the following:

a. Visual separation as specified in para 7-2-1, Visual Separation, para 7-4-2, Vectors for Visual Approach, and para 7-6-7, Sequencing.

Issue wake turbulence cautionary advisories in accordance with para 2-1-20, Wake Turbulence Cautionary Advisories.

b. 500 feet vertical separation;

c. Target resolution.