Author Topic: Delta 1063 JFK Bird Strike - Composite Recording  (Read 4379 times)

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Delta 1063 JFK Bird Strike - Composite Recording
« on: April 25, 2012, 11:27:47 PM »
I have attached a highly edited mix of the tower and departure recordings of this event on 04-19-2012.

In the left channel is the tower and departure is on the right. I have adjusted the relative time base(s) slightly to minimize cross talk and added compression to improve intelligibility.

What makes this interesting is that you can hear the tower and inbound flights scrambling and hustling to make sure 22R will be clear as 1063 makes his race-track 270 around to land. A few items of note... the tower controller, clearly an old-timer, correctly and immediately gives a "straight ahead" clearance so 1063 has time to safely trim up for single engine operation without having to worry about any climb rate affecting turns; the pilot, upon requesting a return to 13 and getting a clearance from departure to turn (right) into his dead engine changes his request to 22 so he can make left turns, and there is a bit of humor as some flight 641 announces he is clear of 22R and asks the tower if he should switch to ground, the tower says he can stay on frequency and asks if he wants to taxi straight to the ramp... the pilot replies "I don't know... where we going?" and the tower chuckles, tells him to taxi "westbound" and hands him over to ground.

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